15 жніўня 2006

Tammy Bruce heardbroken

I console her by saying that things are even worse than she thinks, here.

Lenin speaks:
I share your disappointment, but I'm not sure if it's Rice, as opposed to Bush, is responsible for all those decisions to do nothing.

I don't see how the previous Secretary of State was doing a better job. I think the problem is not so much with Rice, but with the whole institution of diplomacy: Western diplomats's aim these days seems to be their own personal or institutional empowerment - as opposed to welfare of their nations.

So if diplomacy fails, and the government admits it, that means war - not the GWOT that Bush keeps talking about, but a real war, with diplomatic relations going down the toilet, and stock markets too. Is Bush ready for this? Is the US as a nation ready for this?

The State Department seems to be the worst US government agency, in terms of how much damage to the country they cause. But the underlying problem, I'm afraid, lies with the government as a whole, and the American public. We are still not really prepared to fight this war. We're prepared to complian about our politicians - often with good reasons, but we're not prepared to lose our jobs and give up our comfort. Most of us don't realize the magnitude of the danger, and we'd rather believe in democratization of the Middle East and other miracles that will get the job done without much sacrifice on our part.


Blogger TaliaXianne said...

Absolutely. Unfortunately, we do not have the will to sacrifice for this. We're weak in that sense, and the enemy understands that (and has the advantage over us because they understand what is at stake, and they are willing to die for it).

11:39 PM  
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