14 жніўня 2006

Commenting on LGF

Should Olmert go?

Olmert almost certainly will go. If you poll Israeli soldiers and their families, I'm pretty sure they despise Olmert for this failure. Bibi is not perfect, but there aren't many good politicians in Israel.
Unfortunately, the problem with Israeli politics and the IDF are much deeper than Olmert or Sharon or whoever will get blamed most.
Uri Milstein, one of the most respected military Israeli historians, described similar failures in Israel's previous wars, that were made look like successes.
Israel's political problems are very similar to ours in the US: we have plenty of politicians who fight their political opponents much harder than they do our country's enemies.
I think that very few people, even Bush supporters, realize how serious the jihadi threat is. Few people believe that jihadis really hope to win - and ideologiocally, they are winning. Too many Americans are serious enough about fighting this war, and too few believe it is really being waged on us.


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