01 жніўня 2006

Muslims: just like the US

Some guy mocks people who believe that jihad is a real thing, using a trory that says,
Seattle Muslim American was a Christian

Lenin responds:

What James Joyner chooses to ignore is that the guy is a result - or victim, if you prefer - of Islamic indoctrination. The problem is not any political group or "organized movement".

The problem is ideology. Since childhood, millions of Muslims are told that it's OK to kill for the sake of Allah. Are James Joyner and Co going to deny that? I won't be surprise if they do, because their denial seems to go far enough.

It's not an organization that is seeking to destroy us. It's an ideology that people believe - they believe it enough to kill and die. They don't have to belong to Al Qaida. They don't have to attend a mosque. They just have to believe it.

So yeah, bringing up your children to blow people up is "just like murders committed in the United States." Nothing to see here. Just those paranoid conservatives looking for excuses to kill people.


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