19 ліпеня 2006

Ann Coulter: the Michael Moore of the Right

They look kinda different. But on the inside, they are very much the same. Their wight problems are opposite, but they look equally disgusting, and they do equally disgusting things.

Michael Moore reinforces the stereotype of the Left as a bunch of whiney, treaterous, self-righteous idiots.

Ann Coulter reinforces the stereotype of the Right as a bunch of cruel, narrow-minded, self-righteous idiots.

Michael Moore helped George Bush win the 2004 election. Ann Coulter is helping Hillary and the Democrats win in 2006 and 2008.

Michael Moore, it turns out, secretly own Haliburton stocks. I won't be surprised when it turns out that Ann Coulter secretly eats Barbra Streisand's pussy - and together, they laugh at the stupid conservatives who make Ann rich - just like Michael Moore has been laughing at his audience. Losers!


Blogger mkfreeberg said...

It is a common Moore trick to drop "facts" without completing his thesis and saying outright what the facts mean. It's quite incriminating when he says "the bin Laden family was flown out without being questioned right after 9/11/01." If he were to say, word-for-word, "We know George W. Bush is on the side of the terrorists and wants to kill Americans, because he flew bin Laden's family out of the country" he would be laughed at as a tinfoil-hat type guy, and nobody would see his movie. But he drops the fact, without saying a word about the opinion that is to be formed, people form exactly the same opinion, and his hands stay clean. So he promulgates the outlandish theory, and achieves the stature that would be denied him if he promulgated it honestly.

Coulter doesn't do this. By-and-large, every paragraph she writes, contains both the opinion she has formed and the facts she has relied upon to form it.

The "Dr. Schlessinger of Politics" would be more accurate, I think.

One doesn't have to listen to the Doc on the radio for very long, before the hair on the back of one's neck rises in a funny mix of bemusement and revulsion. One is inclined to think a decent society would silence her, or at least, not promote her. Yet, at the same time, the notion that raising your children after a devastating divorce, is more important than getting back into the dating scene, is a matter of common sense -- nobody else is saying it anywhere, someone should be saying it.

Ditto for the perception that the New Jersey widows are enjoying their new-found fame just a bit too much. It seems offensive; it is offensive; it is made deliberately so. And yet, there is a lot of evidence to support this. Nobody besides Coulter is saying so, and it seems like something somebody should be pointing out. Or, at the very least, those who observe this to be the case, should be allowed to say so without being punished for it.

If Moore wanted to say the same thing about a widow who had become a Republican symbol, he wouldn't have the balls to do it. He'd show us some footage persuading us to this point of view, and allow us to conclude it ourselves, without him coming out and saying it. Coulter has become famous by showing the testicular fortitude that Michael Moore refuses to show, and by refusing to show it, has become famous in his own way. They're polar opposites, m'man. She has more balls tucked in that tiny microskirt than Michael Moore has in his whole flabby body.

Must disagree with you on this point, but overall, great blog.

11:41 AM  
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