12 ліпеня 2006

Mushrooms vs Depression

This news seems to be all over the place.

There is a lot I could say about the subject, as I am familiar with both the substance and the condition. I mean, Lenin IS a mushroom.

All I can say is be friggin careful. I know people who actually got very depressed after taking mushrooms - and stayed depressed for years. In general, self-medication is rarely a good way to deal with emotional problems - I mean, I should know. So again, be careful. If I were yo mama, I would certainly tell you not to put those things in your mouth.

Perhaps I'll write more about mushrooms and other psychodelia later on. In the meantime, feel better. Even if you're already feeling good.


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Blogger The complication said...

Rushmush is the mushrooms found in europe, in countries like russia, lebanon, italy, and especially france, germany and U.K.

It's a mushroom species with psychostimulant properties similar to the amphetamine classes.

Rushmush is slang terminology for aurantiumamylamine 1,3

10:55 PM  

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