25 мая 2006

Personal Update

Last night, I took my dad and his wife to Rev Jen's open mic. I sang the Soviet Tankist Song about Stalin and the first Soviet marshal, which was Voroshilov. This is the song my dad would often sing at home - of course, not seriously at all. I wonder if that humorous attitude towards Communist propaganda somehow influenced my adult activities - such as CommunistsForKerry.

Anyway, before the last verse, I called my dad to the stage, and we sang together. Our performance was a huge success with the audience, and so my dad officially became a star on his third night in America. You can see a somewhat crappy photo of our performance here, thanks to Margaret Dodge who took the picture.

And then we went to Washington Sq park, and listened to people who play and sing there. It's a group of people I've been seeing there for a couple of years. They are very good, and they do it for love. Witnessing how music is being born - what can be more beautiful? I wanted to take my loved ones to a place like that for a long time - and my dream came true. Hallelujah!


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