19 мая 2006

Important Dates

While my friend Anna celebrates her birthday in Japan, we celebrate the 84th anniversary of Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization (Всесою́зная пионе́рская организа́ция и́мени В. И. Ле́нина) right here in New York.

Back to Belarus: agafon_bel has a great post (in Russian) about how he got expelled from this wonderful organization right before his 10th birthday - for threatening to hit his classmate so hard, he would fly all the way to the Mausoleum. The threat was considered blasphemous, and his Pioneer tie - oh, the humiliation! - was taken off him in front of his classmates - which actually caused their envy.


Anonymous Jason Hullinger said...

93! Keep up the Great Work!

6:16 PM  
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