11 мая 2006

Commenting on Russia Blog

In reply to this
You make some valid points, and I agree that Illarionov is exaggerrating - but so are you. Wouldn't you agree that the Khodorkovsky affair was completely arbitrary on the part of Kremlin? Things like that shouldn't be a matter of a personal decision of the President - in a democratic society, that is.

And just because you know a successful Jewish doctor in Russia, doesn't mean the gov't doesn't encourage chauvinism. You can choose to ignore the ideologies promoted by the official Church, and that are increasingly popular among the police and security forces. I understand your desire to help Russia, and I agree that Putin is by far not the worst ruler Russia can have. But it doesn't mean the situation in Russia is improving. The Russian gov't is getting away with way too much - and I think that's why violent racism is on the rise. When people can't take their government to call, I'm not surprised when they start cutting dark-skinned people.


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