07 мая 2006

Idiots vs Idiots

I've never read the popular book "Da Vinci Code," because I find anti-Christian conspiracy theories to be a lot more stupid than Christianity itself. I never thought you can explain a religion like Christianity away in one book, and even though I've had my moments of hating this religion because of what happened between Christians and me personally, but I'm not really interested in any kind of antichristian crusade.

But when high-proifile people at Catholic Church bother condemning books like that, that just makes me laugh, because nothing gives more credibility to the anti-Christian (anti-Catholic, specifically) sentiment in this book than a Cardinal taking it seriously. If Catholic Church herself tells people that you can threaten the Church by something like this book, to me it shows nothing but weakness. Urging legal action against the book is just way stupid: it shows intolerance towards free speech, and creates the appearance of the Church stooping to the level of Islam, making a lot of normal people suspicious of organized religion as such.

I was pleasantly surprised when Vatican stood up to the threat of Western values - such as free speech - posed by Islam, and then Cardinal Martini made some sensible statements about the use of condoms, but this? This is a big disappointment.


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