27 красавіка 2006

70 %

70% of all the radioactive fallout landed in Belarus. And yet, in mass-media world-wide everyone talks only about Ukraine. Belarus is lucky if it’s getting 5-10% of the coverage and 5-10% of the international Chernobyl aid.

We were not lucky with the direction of the winds in 1986. Twenty years after, we are not lucky with the direction of the world media.

20 years of Chernobyl

via br23. Also read this: The “small fire” produced the radiation fallout equal to 500 Hiroshima bombs. A personal account of somebody who like me, was a school kid back in 1986.

Soviet television reported about the accident only 4 or 5 days later. In the evening news “Vremya” they said there was a “minor fire” at some unknown Ukrainian power plant.

Don't look at this if have a week stomach (hat tip: Yana)


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the wife is from gomel. i don't think i'll pass the link along.

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