22 красавіка 2006

Stupidity of Mathew Yglesias

I knew Mathew Yglesias was a confused individual. But I thought he was smart: he even had a philosophy degree from Harvard. Today I read his argument against the war with Iran. Here's how starts it:

The United States military is, for one thing, in much worse shape today than it was in March 2003 with far fewer resources at its disposal (see the Iraq War). The Iranian military, meanwhile, is in better shape than Iraq’s army was, since it hasn’t been subjected to more than a decade of stifling sanctions

The seconda sentense makes sense, but if you think that you prove that "the US military is in worst shape now than in 2003" by just saying "see the Iraq war," you should go make love to yourself.

The opening sentenses of the article might explain the stupidity of this popular Harvard graduate.

Should we go to war with Iran? The short answer is “no.” The long answer is “hell no.”

As the rumbles of war are heard over the horizon, many feel they’ve heard this whole story before. But with all due respect to those who correctly ascertained in advance that backing Bush’s march on Baghdad was insane, following the neoconservatives to Teheran would be far, far, far more insane.

Far, far, far. I love the "following neoconservatives" part. It's far, far, far too cool.


Blogger rox_publius said...

still torn on the war. definitely think it's time to start packing in and letting the gov't sink or swim.

that being said, sucks you can have honest dialouge about it without people dividing sharply into "hate bush" and "love bush" camps and refusing to hear the other side. sad. and it's bound to screw up how we approach other threats. the anti-bush side has painted themselves into a corner where they can't possibly support anything he says, even if they might otherwise come up with the same solutions themselves.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Yaron said...

Link please? Although this looks disappointing. His whole shtick was that he was supposed to be one of the "thoughtful" liberal bloggers, but this seems like a bunch of padding in the absence of something convincing to say.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Yaron said...

What happened to my comment?

10:52 AM  
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