18 красавіка 2006

His heart failed

This sad story is reported by Hartia97

The father of Irina Zavadskaya, one of the protestors of the tent camp on Kalinowsky (Oktyabrskaya) Square, died of heart attack on April 17th.

Irina was detained on the night of March 23rd, and her father was there waiting from the early morning. He was escorted out of the court where Irina was being sentensed (she got 10 days), because he openly said that Lukashenka's court was unlawful.

Irina is a photography student in the Minsk Technology College. The college director Aleksander Gaidukevich organized a public "trial" of Irina, and her father was called to attend. The college administration tried to convince him that his daughter had disgrased the college, where many members of BRSM (Lukashenka-jungen) study. They wanted him to influence Irina.

"You used to send me thank-you letters every year", said Zavadsky to Gaidukevich, "And now you're insulting my daughter. Irina is my beloved daughter, and you and your Lukashenko's regime can go you know where..."

He was 44 years old. Irina has a younger brother and sister, both schoolchildren. She is thinking how to help her mother bring them up.


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