17 красавіка 2006

Fear or Shame?

For the past two weeks, rallies have been held in Minsk, that demad to release the oppostitional ex-candidate Kozulin. On April 16th, a different rally was held, in the same park where Kozulin supporteres were protesting.

White will: for the glory of the ancestors, for the good of the posterity. Today, an immigrant, tomorrow, an occupant.

Slavic girl! Honor is worthier than jewish money! White Russia (Belaya Rus) shall be white!

Hartia97 reports

15 guys with shaved heads, dressed in black, broke a stand with Kosuli's portrait, tore up the flyers that called for his release. They were shouting "Lukashenko is our president!". The police [...] were absent at the moment.


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