10 мая 2006

Blogroll addition

Something In The Way She Moves
A student in California writing some insightful stuff on Russia, ex-USSR, and other foreign affairs. This blog has a photo of Belsovprof in Minsk with a Belarusian flag! Reespek. Btw, I played my first show in that building, in the cafe downstairs, in 1990. I was thin like a model, had a long hair, and wore a military suit and a huge bow tie a-la Oscar Wilde. My friends played in a punk band called "Volosatye Nogi" (Hairy Legs) playing before me, and my other friends, with whome I had played on the street, were in the band headlining the show, Liapis Trubetskoy. Then it was little known, but soon became big in Russia, achiving the status of the most famous band from Belarus :) Those were the days! Well, enough indulging the nostalgia, talking about my glorious past. Go see the blog :)


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