12 чэрвеня 2006

Career news

How have you been?

I've been OK. The biggest news is that I lost my job, but this time, through no fault of my own, it's just my project is being suspended, so there goes my contract. That being said, if you know any SQL Server / OLAP / C# opportunities in NYC, please let me know: ivan(at)ivanlenin(dot)net.

The news was somewhat shocking to me, but this dosn't feel bad like getting fired does. I'm actually still working, while looking for a job. It's stressful, but not much more stressful than most days at work have been: they really make you work your ass off at my current place.

I was going to take voice lessons, but it looks like that will have to wait - as well as the VOX guitar effex unit, and an Alesis mixer with Cubase recording software.


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