25 мая 2006

Political update

In Belarus, people are being sued for using Skype. According to the current law, all communications must go through the state provider, Beltelecom. Original in Russian.

It's hard for me to follow politics lately, because I've been busier than usual, but even more because political scum all over the world make me mad.

I'm mad at Congress Republicans - read Instapundit if you don't know why.

I'm mad at the dictator Lukashenka, who's been whoring Belarus independence, and I'm mad at the madmen in Russia who want to annex my home country.

I'm also mad at stupid journalists like Natalia Gevorkian, who are spreading rumors that the issue has been decided in Kremlin to go ahead with the takeover. Phrases like "I've heard this from people who know what they are talking about" are written for idiots, by idiots.

I'm mad at the Iranian mullahs and those who whitewash them.

And I'm mad at - or disgusted with, rather - about everybody who's on Drudge report today. Im' so sick of these politicians and journalists who think they are so above ordinary people - while making the lives of these people worse, in most cases. House Speaker Hastert, ABC, Al Gore, Nansi Pelonsi, Madonna... F. you - that's all I have to say.


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