26 ліпеня 2006


on Alarming News

Re: criticizing Israel.

A lot of Jew haters use that as a veil for their judophobia, no question about that. And what makes criticizing Israel different from crirticizing Brazil is that nobody questions Brazil's right to exist.

As for the money we give to Israel, most of that money goes not to promoting Judaism, but to fighting our common enemies. I think the islamist threat to America would be much greater, if not for Israeli soldiers and dead civilians who've been keeping jihadis busy. I mean, does anybody think that the ME would be a peaceful place if there were no Israel? People use Jew-hatred as an excuse to deny their inadequacies, but if the islamists didn't have that excuse, they'd find somebody else to blame, and I bet it would be the US. So, I don't think this is foreign aid, let alone promotion of Judaism. I think it is self-defense, and I'd rather pay with my tax dollars than American lives.

As for the cartoons, people were outraged not because their religeous sensibilities were offended, but because again, Israel's right to defend itself - and therefore, to exist - is under attack.


Anonymous Karol said...

What the hell, why am I not blogrolled? ;-)

5:52 PM  
Blogger Ivan Lenin said...

Beacuse I'm paranoid, I'm very paranoid (c)
It's fixed now. You are oomnik #1!
Thanks for stopping by :)

6:56 PM  
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