19 ліпеня 2006

Jews must prove they are Jewish

Before the Ashkenazi Jews can have Israel, they must prove that they are descendants of the ancient Jews who lived in Israel thousands of years ago. And since they can't, they must realize that Israel was a big mistake.

That seems to be the point of some idiot who was published by WaPo, of all papers. So, down with Israel, and let all the Jews be killed. They are not even the real Jews, so who cares - though I'm sure if they were the real Jews, they would deserve even more punishment.


Blogger Judith said...

Actually Ivan, they can. DNA testing shows that Jews (of all branches) and Palestinian Arabs can trace their ancestry back to Judea/Israel/Palestine.

Also there's a genetic marker which most people who claim cohain ancestry have, which dates back to that time and place as well. Being a cohain (priest) is hereditary through the male.

11:14 PM  
Blogger Ivan Lenin said...

Hi Judith, nice to see you comment, thanks for stopping by!

I've heard about the DNA proof. I guess my point is that it doesn't matter. If you need such proof to begin with, there's no way it will be enough. You'll come up with another reason why Jews don't belong in Israel.

The reason I think Jews do belong in Israel is because wherever they go, they are told "Go back where you came from". They are told that in Israel, too, but Israel is the only place where Jews can settle and say "We are not going". They love that land, they care for it, they build a civilized state on it - and to me, that means they belong there.

5:24 PM  
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