11 жніўня 2006

Comrade's B-day and NY Howl's show

I don't go out often these days, but this week has been an exception. The other night I saw a political debate at Pace University, between two Republicans who want to run for Senate against Hillary Clinton. The debate got personal and confrontational from the start, and it was fun to watch. I may register and vote in the primary for KT McFarland, she seems like a sharp, tough lady who knows about foreign policy, and who I think is more likely to defeat comrade Hillary, though I'm not overly optimistic about that.

So, last night I attended the 29th birthday of my friend and Wifebeaters veteran Yaron Makaron at a newly opened huge bar in Park Slope. Seeing Yaron and his beautiful girlfriend is always a treat and a great conversation. Then, I went to Bowery Poetry Club, where the band New York Howl played their debut CD release show.

Man, that was great. It was so rock'n'roll, unbelieavable. The opening act, Jason Trachtenburg's experience, was all fun and cuteness. My friend - and also Wifebeaters veteran - Jessica kept cracking up at Jason's opening remarks that went like "And this song is from my country period, which was 88-89, because that's where the industry was heading..."

By the time the Howl started, the club was packed. The show was all out, pure rock-n'roll. The Doors meet Sex Pistols, or something along those lines. The crowd went nuts. Rock stardom! Amazing. You can hear their songs here.


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