25 жніўня 2006

Isreal gives up on disarming Hiz

Commenting on Tammy Bruce article:

I very much agree with Tammy Bruce.
While I think Olmert is no worse than his predecessor Sharon, I do hope Israelis stop electing appeasers. I also hope they boot some of the IDF high brass, who have been B.S.ing both the Israeli public and the allies. The IDF needs to become stronger and smarter in order for Israel to succeed, and while I can say only good things about ordinary Isreali soldiers, the militery elites in Isral seem as corrupt and devorced from reality as Olmert and Co.

Hence the article notes that the only way to eliminate Hezbollah would be to evacuate the entire region.
I disagree with this. I think another way to eliminate Hizbollah is to prove that their cause is hopeless. No international force will do it, unless there is will to win: to cut off Hizbolllah from Syria and Iran, at any cost, even if it means war with Syria, and yes, with Iran. I wish the mullahs would go without a war, but I don't see how the opposition in Iran can overthrow the mullas. It doesn't seem to be in the cards. I think we should hope for the best and prepare for the worst.


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