25 жніўня 2006

Commenting on JPost: You're on your own, Israelis

I just read an article titled "Nation of know-it-alls" in Jerualem Post.

Before this last war, I'd given up on peace negotiations. I didn't think they were necessary anymore. Now, while I certainly don't believe in them like I did in the Oslo days, I think we have to consider them again. With Syria, for starters.

I left the following comment:

The author makes the same error he admittedly made before, which is the same sinh of which he accuses his opponents: he over-generalizes. Olso peace didn't work, so go IDF! Lebanon war failed, so DOWN with IDF! How about having a better IDF? As long as mullahs are in power in Iran, Israel will not know peace. Is the IDF capable of taking the mullahs on? I have no idea, but I know that diplomacy won't solve anythig, with the UN being on Hizbollah/Iranian side, along with the US State Department. You're on your own, Israelis.


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