23 жніўня 2006

Impressions from Landmark Forum

Last night, I went to this event at Landmark Forum, , where I was invited by my comrade Andy, you prolly remember him. It was too much like Herbalife and Tuppaware party, so I left. Boy, am I angry at him!

The history behind this stuff is very interesting. Historically, this is the secular version of Scientology (the founder guy, Werner Erhard, was supposedly friends with Scientology founder, and then they fell out).

These Forum people have some interesting ideas and techniques, but when I think about their Transformation (a concept copied from Zen's enlightenment), taking place on an industrial scale (four hundred of people in the friggin hall) in a matter of three days, I get more than sceptical. I don't believe in quick fixes, or in transformation that is initiated and managed from outside. And when I look at that French lady who conducted the seminar - who wasn't bad, but... when she started talkin about how "we" don't know what it means to be human, I just thought "transform my ass"

I understand why people want a different life from the one they have. I am one of them. But profoundly changing your life is not something that can be packaged and then swallowed and digested in a matter of three days. It is something that has to be built by yourself, and it takes years. A bootcamp like that could be a catalyst or a boost, and I admit that for some people this education, as they call it, really is helpful - possibly. But for me personally, the hyped atmosphere and the dehumanizing size of the congregation are enough to turn me completely off.


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