16 жніўня 2006

Commenting on SITWSM

Something in the way she moves is an excellent blog, mostly about world affairs. Some of the posts there seem more insightful to me than what I read in The Weekly Standard.

TaliaXianne says:
Many analysts whom I've recently listened to think that Olmert is on his way out. I am kind of bummed about that because I rather like Ehud Olmert. I think that he showed more will than many of the PMs before him.

Lenin comments:
I think your point of Olmert possibly being the best PM lately is well taken. But I think there is a contradiction between knowing what's at stake and trying to be a humanitarian.
It's not the time for Israel to try to be popular. I think a clear understanding of that, and of what's at stake, has been lacking in Israel, and especially among Israeli politicians, who in my view, have been practicing treason for the sake of political gain.
The roots of it, I think, have to do with leftism, or rather, with the double-dealing that Islael gov't has engaged since Ben-Gurion. With the tradition of fearing internal opposition more than the enemy (see Altalena_Affair)
With counting on America (instead of the IDF) to save Israel.
Olmert failed and the IDF failed because of a long tradition of bad politics in Israel, not because of Olmert's persona.


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