23 жніўня 2006


With all the emotional problems Lenin has to deal with, I must say I remain positive. It may seem to you sometimes that I'm being negative or nasty and depressed, but on the inside, Lenin is always positive. Hurray for Lenin and hurray for positivity!

Being a genious inventor, I have introduced the concept of loops into the field of self-understanding, self-knowing, self-loving, self-being, self-actualizing, self-making, and self-representing. A loop is, as anybody familiar with electronic music may tell you, is a piece of something taking place in time in a repeated manner. As the artist currently known as Prince correctly formulated, A loop is a loop is a loop is a loop is a loop.

In our so-called brains, loops are recorded by our environments: our parents, teachers, friends, lovers, cultures, countries, religions, advertising. Our loops are recorded by our mom who wasn't there when we needed her, by the heartbreaks we embrace, and by the world telling us what's good for us.

The world will tell us we need to be successful in our careers, make money, and have a lot of fun; or that we need to be a creative, preferably suffering artist; or that we must bang a lot of chicks or have a nice romantic boyfriend. Driven by these stereotypes, we follow our past and our outside circumstances, instead of following our hearts.

And here comes the Big Question: how do we know how to follow our hearts? How do we know how to stop living someone else's life? How do we know what life is really ours? Who is the real "me"?


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