22 сакавіка 2006

Belarus update

An apolitical person's reasons for joining the protest.

March 23, 12:03 AM, LJ user lefj
Finally, porto-potties have arrived. update apparently, that was evil disinformation, lefj says. People are still using buckets of sorts.

Ukraine shows solidarity via LJ user samuel-smith

Radio Svaboda (BEL)
10 PM

Now on the square there are around 3,000 people. More info about people being detained as they approach the square. Four people with tents and sleeping backs were detained a few minutes ago. However, despite the police blocks, today a few new tents have been set up.
Today, there is no more talk about taking down the tents. The particiapnts are prepared to stay till the end.

pics from the square from LJ user eugene-grabkin

LJ user lipski:
9:33 pm
Despite the ongoing arrests, people keep bringing food and hot liquid to the tents. There are a lot of such people.

8:35 pm
The tent camp's leaders have forbidden to let the crew from BT (regime-controlled channel) to the tents
[I can't say I approve of that - IL]

8:29 pm
Milinkevich says that talks have started with Europeans to help those who've been repressed for participating in the protests. On March 30th in Warsaw, presidents of Europe's biggest universities will meet to discuss accepting Belarusian students who got kicked out. The EU will expand the list of Belarusian officials who are banned from travelling in Europe, including education officials who expel students for political reasons.
Mi has called on people to take to the streets on March 25th. The meeting got rescheduled from evening to noon.
The weather is so-so. It's a bit warmer than last night, but it's very humid.

8:03 Milinkevich arrived. The meeting has started. He's talking about the internation community not recognizing the election's results and possible sanctions.
A car with food, tents and sleeping bags has been detained.

7:24 pm The meeting still hasn't started. Somebody read a poem about the tent camp defenders. There are a bit over 2,000 people. The passing cars are honking in solidarity, even though the police started giving fines for that.

6:53 By the tents, a drunken man has just tried to start a fight. He was telling people to get out from the square, saying that the police will throw everybody out tomorrow.

Info on arrests

Kozulin has given up, Milinkevich is reported sick with pneumonia. The protesters self-organize and take the initiative.

Minsk, March 22

Radio Svoboda: People get beaten as they leave the square to change

Now in German! Modus Vivendi is translating Belarusian blogs into German.


12:30, Radio Svaboda
Arount 1,000 people have decided to stay overnight in the tents. Despite the call for "only real men" to stay, in the 20 or so tents there are girls as well as guys, and also people of olders age. Among them is Milinkevich, his wife Ina Kuley, and elder son Aliaxander.

The protestors realize that tonight, the police can use force to end the protest. The street lights are off. There a TV team from the regime-owned chaneel BT, getting ready to shoot something. The passing cars honk to express their solidarity.

A member of the Polich Parliament (Seim) Yaroslau Yaheila has been detained, and as a result of an agreement between the Polish embassy in Minsk and the Foregn Ministry of Belarus, was let go under condition that he immediately leave Belarus. Mr.Yaheila is on his way to Poland.

UPDATE: a good comment by anonimous re: my post about opposition split: there is no split, kozulin's supporters are on the square. [respect! - IL]

12:51 am LJ user astel tells of jail sentenses (10 days) for two girls, Taciana Homa and Olga Kuzmich.
IL - I come across such reports quite often. Somebody got detained, somebody has disappeared and not answering the phone. It looks like the Lu team is trying to sow panic in the ranks of protesters. There are all kinds of rumors circulating, such as the rumor of free vodka planted by KGB to provoke the protestors.

12:30 am, LJ user Lipski
There are over 1,000 people at the square, listening to music and to Radio Svaboda. It's very cold out, the weather report predicts -15C (5F). The lights at the square are off. Just got an info that two people got detained by the McDonalds.

Day three: photos

Opposition split reported Milinkevish is staying with the people at the October Square

Minsk, 11:06 PM
LJ user Lipski:
Everything is calm so far. The police are not taking any actiont. There is a concert of rock band NRM going on. People are dancing and not leaving despite the cold.

Post on belarus.indimedia.org via LJ User alteaenerle:
Kozulin has declared the tent camp to be over and called on his supporteres to leave the square. However, the protesters have decided not to leave the square. All the
access to the square is blocked. The police are not letting people in, saying there is an event going on and "arrangements are being made" (проходит мероприятие)
It also became known that when Kozulin found out that Milinkevich is not leaving, Kozulin has declared their coalition to be over. The protest organizers have just asked the women to leave the square. So it looks like there really is going to be a zachistka (cleaning up)

Latest news from Minsk (in Belarusian and Russian)

People, not sheep
via Neeka

Opposition leaders jailed: Anatol Liabedzka - 15 days sentense. Aliaxey Yanukevich - 12 days.

LJ Users alexnovik and irinamai write about a column of about a dozen OMON (special police) buses and trucks approaching the area.

Conversations held at the square

If you know people in Belarus, please send them this link (RUS, BEL) It's about keeping the resistance movement going.

The night of March 20/21

videos from fox

March 20 II

March 20 I

This post will stay up for a while, and I will keep updating it.


Blogger Veronica Khokhlova said...

Hey, it's so cool you're doing these updates! i'll link to you on global voices online within the next hour or so. also, i was wondering if you'd be interested to do a similar blog review for global voices this week? if you are interested, please email me at vkhokhl [at] yahoo [dot] com. Thank you, and - Zhyve Belarus!

4:37 AM  
Blogger Ivan Lenin said...

Thanks, Neeka! I sent you an e-mail. Разом нас багато - нас не подолати!

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Andy said...

Just a quick thought on the column of OMON police heading towards October Sq.

We already know that there are police stationed around the square (OMON or not, I can't remember). And presumably, if the reckon they'll be there for a while (a number of days) they'll have set up a system for shuttling police on and off duty, back and forth between barracks.

Could it be that repeated rumours we hear that police/OMON are on their way in large numbers is, in fact, just a rotation of personnel?

Worrying in the sense that police are around the square, and clearly organised, but not necessarily in the sense that each movement of police means an impending operation.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Ананім said...

there's no split

kozulin's supporters are on the square

5:34 PM  
Blogger Ivan Lenin said...

anon: good point, i made a correction

the police activites can mean anything in the world. There's no way of telling what they're up to. I think all that people can do, is show determination.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Andy said...

Absolutely. I was just suggesting one possible explanation in a world of unsubstantiated rumours.

6:40 PM  
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