22 сакавіка 2006

Conversation with daughter

By LJ user lipkovich
- No we'll show you the revolution. Now wel'' turn onto Soviet Street...
- Why is there no revolution on Soviet St?
- Just wait. On Soviet Street, too, there will be a revolution. Now, get up on daddy's lap.
- Then close the window!
- You won't see then...
- What are those men doing?
- Those man are searching people.
- Why?
- Well, they don't like it if somebody brings something forbidden.
- Why?
- Now look. It's starting. See the flags?
- Yes. Why is nobody shooting?
- That's very good that nobody is shooting, or else somebody could get killed.
- What's that talking in the men's coat?
- A radio.
- Now the revolution is over.
- Did you like it?
- Yes. It's cold. Close the window
That's how Mirka and I went to see the revolution today


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