22 сакавіка 2006


This come from LJ user kiryla, who just came from Kalinouski Square, formerly known as October Sq ;)

Original in Russian

To stop political repressions against Belarusians. To show solidarity in non-violent struggle against the ruling dictatorial regime. To remove citizen Lukashenko from the office of Head of State, which he has unlawfully usurped.

We demand release of political prisoners and people imprisoned for their views.

Address: [translation incomplete - sorry, I have to go to bed - IL]
Calling on police and army officers to stop obeying Lukashenka's orders.
On citizens to join the protestors on the square
On people from neighboring countries to join also
On the international community to demand the authorities to stop the arrests and trials of the peaceful protesters. When the demonstrators approach or leave the square, they get arrested. Last night, anywhere between 10 and 30 people have been arrested. Official information on the arrests is not available, so it takes a long time to get the numbers.
On the international media to keep the events in Belarus in focus

The document also discusses the tactics of the movement.


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