20 сакавіка 2006


This one is worrisome. Also via LJ user lipski.

Minsk, 9:50 PM
The protesters have set four tents and surrounded them. Around 4,000 people have stayed at the square. Somebody from Russia is speaking, I think from SPS (Union of Right Forces). Milinkevich has called on people to stay for the night and for tomorrow. There is a rumor that in half an hour the demonstators will be harshly

Minsk, 10:35 PM
The people keep standing on the Oktyabrskaya Sq, numbering around 4,000. The mood is elevated, people are enthusiastic.
The leaders speaking at the meeting urge people to stay overnight. A representative from the city of Mogilev says that delegations from Belarusian regiouns are expected to arrive in Minsk.
The speakers have also asked Minsk residents to bring warm clothes, food, and hot tea and coffee to the tents.
A few minutes ago a young girl(!) climbed the lighting pole by the Profsoyuz Palace, and put a big white-red-white flag on it.


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