22 сакавіка 2006

Apolitical person says

this is from LJ user red-house, in reply to a sceptical post in LJ. (Russian original)

Miss, I'm also an apolitical person. I didn't even vote this time around: too much work. By my age of 32, I have abandoned the notion of anarchy. In anarchy, hospitals will infect kids with AIDS, and diary products will be full of chlamidia, if the young workers after a night in the dorm on Soltys Street don't disinfect their hands. In other words, I am for order. Order in the state, and order in people's heads. But this is not what I'm talking about.
You're asking: what's the goal of this demonstration? And you got a very correct answer, in my opinion. "The main goal is to make the Constitution work in the country. And to not let authorities treat people like a herd of animals."
Is that not an answer? The campaign's execution, the leadership, and how much you like it - all that is secondary. The goal is to call on the government to obey the law. It's really important for the Constitution to work in the country. To many people, it's important that if Lukashenka got not 82%, but 60% (let's say that was the real number), then they should say he got 60%. Because when they add 22%, many people get upset, they feel they are treated like livestock. Because, if the authorities see that they get away with playing dirty and people don't mind, they will go a step further.
You may say the Constitution is not important. But look at such a trivial for Belarusian matter as to get a stamp in the passport to visit other countries. The illegetimacy of such procedure, and charging money for it, was admitted by the Constitutional Court way back in 2002. But for "technical reasons" the procedure is still in place. The Constitution backed down. And the citizens keep paying for their stamps.
No big deal, of course. Also "no big deal" is being forced to work for the government as a payback for your higher education - despite forced labor being unconstitutional in Belarus. What's next? Ban on travel for collective farm workers? [Soviet practice from 50 years ago - IL] Mandatory employment? Security forces breaking into the movie theater to check your permission to be in the theater? Funny, huh? But it was happening quite recently in the 80s, when Lukashenka was deputy head of a collective farm, and I was going to school, and you weren't born yet.
By the way, I went to school #24, right behind the WWII museum, right across the cozy garden where grapes and nuts used to grow, and which is now is covered with concrete. Right on that spot, I was made a Young Pioneer. Right now, on that spot, people get arrested for carrying a bag of chips. But if everything that's going is just child play, why then the serious grown up men take away food and medicine from these children, and then the children go to jail? It doesn't look like child play at all.
The current resistance is a note of protest. A revolution probably won't happen. But there is a hope that the authorities will remember the tents on the square, next time they consider making an unconstitutional desicion.


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