31 ліпеня 2006

Commenting on Publius

What Dean said.

To many people around the world, it seems more "about installing pro-West regimes." That's what the media say, and the whole concept of democracy being installed by another country seems hypocritical to many people ("if you want us to choose our government ourselves, why do you intefrere?")

I don't agree with such logic, but it is persuasive, and we need to remember that when we spend money on promoting democracy. I think the main problem is that America wants results quickly, while democacy takes generations to develop, and promotion of democacy from abroad is not a short-term project. It's hard to have policies that are sustained regardless of who's in the White House, etc., which I think is the way to go.

29 ліпеня 2006

How is this for Iraq exit strategy?

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28 ліпеня 2006


27 ліпеня 2006

Blogroll Addition

Karol of Alarming News!

Karol is pretty much my blog mommy, and it was very ungrateful of me not to have broglolled her earlier. But, better late than never.

Karol has a talent for expressing her opinion on controversial topics in a conscise, pointed matter. Everybody knows that she's going to be rich and powerful and famous. She's actually already famous, as is her blog, and quite powerful, as well. So she better get rich soon, so she can throw mansion parties, to which hopefully I'll get invited despite all of my wrongdoings.

26 ліпеня 2006

United scum

UN spying for Hezbollah?

If they are so nice to Iran, why not be nice to these "freedom fighters"?


on Alarming News

Re: criticizing Israel.

A lot of Jew haters use that as a veil for their judophobia, no question about that. And what makes criticizing Israel different from crirticizing Brazil is that nobody questions Brazil's right to exist.

As for the money we give to Israel, most of that money goes not to promoting Judaism, but to fighting our common enemies. I think the islamist threat to America would be much greater, if not for Israeli soldiers and dead civilians who've been keeping jihadis busy. I mean, does anybody think that the ME would be a peaceful place if there were no Israel? People use Jew-hatred as an excuse to deny their inadequacies, but if the islamists didn't have that excuse, they'd find somebody else to blame, and I bet it would be the US. So, I don't think this is foreign aid, let alone promotion of Judaism. I think it is self-defense, and I'd rather pay with my tax dollars than American lives.

As for the cartoons, people were outraged not because their religeous sensibilities were offended, but because again, Israel's right to defend itself - and therefore, to exist - is under attack.

21 ліпеня 2006

Letter to Indian embassy

I'm writing to express my disappointment regarding the Indian government's decision to ban web sites that are critical of Islam. I thought that India was on its way to joining the civilized world, where free speech is a fundamental right. The desicion to ban weblogs tells me that the Indian government thinks that Indian citizens are too stupid to have access to information. If the Indian government doesn't respect its citizens, who will respect the Indian government?
Furthermore, this ban will encourage Islamic thugs in India and around the world. It will encourage them to dictate to people what they can say and what they can read. This desicion is a disgrace for India, and a big step back. Back to barbarism and ignorance, away from civilization and freedom.

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19 ліпеня 2006

Jews must prove they are Jewish

Before the Ashkenazi Jews can have Israel, they must prove that they are descendants of the ancient Jews who lived in Israel thousands of years ago. And since they can't, they must realize that Israel was a big mistake.

That seems to be the point of some idiot who was published by WaPo, of all papers. So, down with Israel, and let all the Jews be killed. They are not even the real Jews, so who cares - though I'm sure if they were the real Jews, they would deserve even more punishment.

Ann Coulter: the Michael Moore of the Right

They look kinda different. But on the inside, they are very much the same. Their wight problems are opposite, but they look equally disgusting, and they do equally disgusting things.

Michael Moore reinforces the stereotype of the Left as a bunch of whiney, treaterous, self-righteous idiots.

Ann Coulter reinforces the stereotype of the Right as a bunch of cruel, narrow-minded, self-righteous idiots.

Michael Moore helped George Bush win the 2004 election. Ann Coulter is helping Hillary and the Democrats win in 2006 and 2008.

Michael Moore, it turns out, secretly own Haliburton stocks. I won't be surprised when it turns out that Ann Coulter secretly eats Barbra Streisand's pussy - and together, they laugh at the stupid conservatives who make Ann rich - just like Michael Moore has been laughing at his audience. Losers!

16 ліпеня 2006


Dear People,
There has been misunderstanding with comments. Turns out, I had comments moderation on without having a clue about it - and so the comments didn't show up.

I turned comment moderation off (hopefully that won't cause all sorts of spam), and so now - hoopefully - if you have something to say, the whole world will see it.

Thanks for reading my blog, yo.

14 ліпеня 2006

Awesome music


Hat tip commander Djin

12 ліпеня 2006

Mushrooms vs Depression

This news seems to be all over the place.

There is a lot I could say about the subject, as I am familiar with both the substance and the condition. I mean, Lenin IS a mushroom.

All I can say is be friggin careful. I know people who actually got very depressed after taking mushrooms - and stayed depressed for years. In general, self-medication is rarely a good way to deal with emotional problems - I mean, I should know. So again, be careful. If I were yo mama, I would certainly tell you not to put those things in your mouth.

Perhaps I'll write more about mushrooms and other psychodelia later on. In the meantime, feel better. Even if you're already feeling good.