30 сакавіка 2006

Solidarity in St Petersburg

These people are few, but I'm sure Belarusians have a lot of appreciation for their moral support.

Saint-Petersburg: people bring flowers to Minsk train

People came out to the square. They were led by their beliefs, the will to voice their opinion, their sense of justice that has been insulted... or even by their desire to drink vodka together! Beating, intimidating, and repressing unarmed people is contemptible. Peacefil citizens, especially women and children, should never be subject of violence by the state.

To support such actions is shameful. To silently support them is twice as shameful. "Beware of the indifferent: because all the betrayal and murder in the world happens with their quiet approval"

That's why on March, 30th we each are going to bring two carnations to the train from Minsk: one white and one red, and at 11 pm to put a candle in the window.


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