28 сакавіка 2006

Letter from jail

LJ user kurt_bielarus posts a translation of a letter, written by Valyantsina Palyavikova and Larysa Bukholenka, two women incarcerated for taking part in a pieceful protest. Translated by LJ user kapitan-tanaka.

They have confiscated absolutely everything. We have no toothpaste, no toothbrushes, no hygiene items. They have done everything to humiliate us as women. This was being done since the very first minutes of our arrest. Just imagine: in the dark, at 3 a.m., you are being surrounded by a hundred of black-dressed men – robocops, steel trucks everywhere, they force us into these trucks, many are simply dragged by their hair. Not everyone could stay strong in this situation, some girls burst into crying. When we asked, where they were taking us, the answer was – into the morgue or into the forest, to be raped and shot.


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