26 сакавіка 2006

Hospital in Minsk: broken skulls, spines, bones

The regime in Belarus let its opponents have it.(RUS)

LJ user macsim-by has talked to personel at the Ambulance Hospital in Minsk. The dispatchers said that arount 4-5 pm people started to arrive. They are all blue, with red swallen areas on their bodies.

Three have spine injuries. One more has injured vertebrae, he can't feel his legs.

Six guys came in with suspected skull injuries. With three, one can tell without X-rays that their skulls are broken.

A lot of people came in with damaged ribs. Two girls, 18-20 yeats old, came in unconscious, probably with concussions. Their noses are broken, one has a broken rib.

Around 9 pm, people in black with "Milicia" (Police) written on their backs pulled up. They asked who was hospitalized, in what condition. One girl regain concsiousnes, and the doctors protested, saying she has a concussion and has to lie down. They broke into the room she was on, four of them took her and carried her to the street. There they put her in a silver colored car and took off.They also took two guys who were able to walk.

The hospital staff were shocked.


Blogger Romerican said...

Sickening further proof of a terrible dictator's regime. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work in finding information and translating it into English for the rest of us. I'm confident everyone who visited your site found it invaluable.

1:33 PM  
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