25 сакавіка 2006


Lipski reports

4:45 pm The crackdown. In the area by the "Lukoil" ad, the special forces have started real people hunting. Cursing like crazy, going into the buildings' backyards, the SpezNaz dispersed, detained, and beat people. Kozulin got detained. An amromred MAZ truck pulled up.

3:31 pm There are only 3-4 thousand people left. A "hapun" (mass detention - IL) just started. A few people with flags got detained.

4:20 pm Under the brindge by the Moskovsky district admistration building, a few rows of OMON (special police) have blocked the way. The trafiic is blocked. People took to the driving lanes, but the OMON forced them out. They threw a gas grenade. People ran, a panic started. Some of them went uphill. The OMON blew another grenade, and a big gas cloud is going towards the hill. Most people move towards the railroad station. Two more grenade explosions, into the midst of the crowd, people ran away from there. In response, people throw snowblass at the OMON. The chat "Long live Belarus" and "Fascists". OMON has pushed people almost to the [Nezalezhnost? - IL] Square. Kozulin has come, walking towards the crowd, immediately surrounded by jjournalists. Witnesses say there are victims, people who got hit by the grenades. Another OMON bus pulled up. Kozulin has called to go back to the church on Nemiga street, said that there are wounded and even one killed. People chant "Fascists!"

4:01 PM Four special police buses are going in parallel with the column of demonstrators, the police wave their hands in response to "Police with the people" chants. The column crosses Nogin Square, walking on the sidewalki. There are still many people, a lot more than the 3,000 reported by Radio Svaboda.


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