25 сакавіка 2006

Saturday Begins

Today, thousands of Belarusian people are taking to the streets of Minsk to express their with the regime of Alexander Lukashenka.

More pictures

LJ user Lipski reports:
The number of people has stabilized around 15,000. On Kupala street there are 10 small police buses standing across the park. The police are sitting inside the buses. Small groups of 2-3 special police are standing by the protesters. Kozulin and Milinkevich take turns speaking, not saying much new: we demand freedom, we will win and so on. The PA system is really bad, half the people can't hear anything.

2:14 pm
The whole park is filled with people, they chant [in Belarusian and Russian] "Long live Belarus", "Together", "Shame", "Truth". Info came in that three busloads of people were taken to the detention center on Okrestina St.

2:04 pm
There are around 15,000 people. The speakers talk about the necessity of fair elections, cancelling the election's result and setting up a new one. People keep arriving.

I just came to Yanka Kupala Park. There are over 5,000 people. From the direction of Yakub Kolas Square there are over 5,000 approaching, and people are walking down the [Skaryna] avenue, so there are over 10,000 total.
An operator from the [regime-owned] BT channel just tried to come to the park, but people started throwing snowballs at him, and he quickly backed away. There are a lot of flags: white-red-white, anti-fascist resistance flag, of the youth movement "ZUBR" There are people of all ages, young people, a lot of middle-aged people. There are no police yet in the park, no special forces either. The cell phone connection is poor.


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