27 сакавіка 2006

Belarus: looks like a murder?

UPDATE: This story is most likely untrue: gugeins' LJ account was hacked, he says he didn't write this. Could have been somebody's dumb joke, could have been the KGB trying to scare people in the wake of the Chernobyl protest to happen in late April.

I will still keep this bit of translation up, because I think it could have been true. And to remind my readers, how difficult it is to get reliable information in Belarus.

This morning, I read this account by LJ user gugeins. Here's a translared bit:

In the morning on Sunday, at 7 o'clock, the phone rang. The parents weren't sleeping, because they knew where their son had gone and were very worried that he hadn't returned and wasn't answering his cell phone. The person calling introduced himself as an employee of the Minsk crematory, and in a very dry manner told them that they could pick up their son's ashes a week later.

An ambulanced was called for the mother. The father was trying to find out what had hapenned...The questions such as , "Who paid for the cremation?" and "From which morgue the body come?" have not been answered

I wonder if they will ever find out what happened to him. They won't talk to the press, or anyone else for that matter. They told gugeins about this only after he took an oath not to keep them out of this story.


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