29 сакавіка 2006

Democrats' national security plan

Apparently, Democrats offered a new National Security Platform

For months, House and Senate Democrats have tried to craft a comprehensive position on national security, but they have splintered, primarily over Iraq.

So, according to Democrats, Iraq is a really big problem for America. Is it because US victory in Iraq so important? Or is it because Iraq is the easiest way to attack Republicans?

Democrats' biggest problem is that they are reactive, not active. They don't even try offering solutions on national security: instead, they try to gain popularity by criticizing Republicans.

Foreign policy gets more and more difficult and complex. Besides Iran and North Korea to deal with, there are "our friends the Saudis", Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Egypt, Libia, and a dozen others. There are China and Russia who want more and more influence. The only solution I keep hearing from the Left is, Let's repent and be nice. They either think Americans are stupid, or are stupid themselves.


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