24 сакавіка 2006

Regime shows its true face

Reuters puts up an article, elegantly finishing it with a phrase about Lukashenka's genuine popularity the 10 million Belarussians for having ensured relative political and economic stability.

LJ user inff writes: The regime-run Belarusian TV reports vodka bottles, syrenges, and porno magazines left after the protesters.

Radio Svaboda reports approving reactions of Minsk residents (BEL)

Man: Those kids are punks. They light up their cigarettes from the memorial fire for war heroes. My son was there, he told me
Another man: I'd give them all prison sentenses
Woman: It's good what [the police] did
Man: Maybe it's right that they took them. If it wasn't sanctioned, why do it when nobody's asking you?
Woman: The police did the right thing, those people should know better than make a mess. They took out tons of trash after them. They should have gone to work instead of protesting, and prove their opinion by working, not by lazing and littering
Man: It's really bad that they broke it up. And nothing's gonna happen with our people - or rather, the electorate, the Lukashits.

Photos on Svaboda.org


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