31 сакавіка 2006

Detainees start coming out

People who've been detained during the week of protests of Belarus, most of whome got 7 to 15 days sentenses, are coming out of jails in Minsk and the Minsk region. Radio Svaboda is interviewing some of them.

Form the jail on Akrescina Street, around 70 people came out. They were greeted by over 400 people. Each detainee was greeted by chants "Hail to the heroes!" Maryna Kviatkowskaya didn't expect to be greeted by so many people with flowers.

(Crowd: hail the heroic girls of Belarus!)

Kviatkowskaya: I was here for 10 days. I was detained by the October square. In a private car, I was taking some things to the square: a tent, a sleeping bag, a guitar. We got detained by special police. If not for the people who were bringing us food and whatnot... Well, we were hungry.

Dabravolski: A lot of people needed to see this side of life. The most important thing, I haven't met one person in the jail whose spirit would break, wou'd say, "Enough, this is it". On the contrary, everybody has realized that it's all worth it to change all these lies by the state. Nobody broke down, thank God! The prisoner brotherhood that we had here will help us. I didn't expect [so many people greeting us]. I told my friends: Why did you come here at night? (Laughing). It's nice"


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