29 чэрвеня 2006

Posting's been light

New task at new job is rather challenging. For a few, I was really depressed because I felt inadequate. I got over it now, and hopefully hard work and persistance will help me get through this.

I've been netweorking with people who suffer from depression and other emotional and mental problems. Last night, I went to a Depression Meetup in the East Village, and it was very interesting. I had a great time and saw faces I want to see again. I've gone a pretty long way dealing with depression, and I feel I have things to share. Last night confirmed that. People seemed very appreciative of what I had to say, and I want to keep telling my story hoping that it can help people.

It was also great to hear other people's stories. It gives me a perspective on where I am and where I want to go.

24 чэрвеня 2006

Where is the sunshine?

I wanna go to Miami the beach!

23 чэрвеня 2006

This would be funny

...if it weren't so sad.

19 чэрвеня 2006

Hello kids

I hope everyone is doing well.

I got a job offer on Friday, and accepted. So looks like that situation is one the way to normal.

I just wrote to a friend: In my area, everybody's a Brazilian these days. It's like St.Patrick's day, only with yellow.

Last night, my comrades took me out to Brighton Beach. The number of people there was very impressive for a Sunday night, and there were no outside tables available in any of the restaurants on the boardwalk. Fortunately, the seatings inside were plentiful, and we spend an awesomenight at Winter Garden. Great food, great waiters, surprisingly nice - for a Russian restaurant - live entertainment, the works.

15 чэрвеня 2006

This is not a joke

Attention Citizens!
Due to the celebrations dedicated to the opening of the National Library of the Republic of Belarus
on June 16, 2006 from 08.00 to 16.00, for your own safety, don't open your windows that overlook
the Independence Avenue in the direction of the Library building.
from this forum

12 чэрвеня 2006

Career news

How have you been?

I've been OK. The biggest news is that I lost my job, but this time, through no fault of my own, it's just my project is being suspended, so there goes my contract. That being said, if you know any SQL Server / OLAP / C# opportunities in NYC, please let me know: ivan(at)ivanlenin(dot)net.

The news was somewhat shocking to me, but this dosn't feel bad like getting fired does. I'm actually still working, while looking for a job. It's stressful, but not much more stressful than most days at work have been: they really make you work your ass off at my current place.

I was going to take voice lessons, but it looks like that will have to wait - as well as the VOX guitar effex unit, and an Alesis mixer with Cubase recording software.

06 чэрвеня 2006

Happy End of the World

Dear People,
On behalf of myself and my Party I congratulate you with the end of the World. I hope y'all doing okay and representing.
I was celebrating last night and I didn't get much sleep. Respek.

01 чэрвеня 2006

I'm a bad blogger

...and I don't have much to say. My dad went off to Colorado and then back to Minsk. I'm kinda sad, and a bit tired, emotionally. I look forward to get back to my physical training routine, that really helps with all kinds of mental issues.

Last week, I saw a band called The Walking Hellos - consisting of 4 nerdy females, who played and sang quite beautifully and looked very cute while doing it. Very different from the rest of female bands I've seen. I bought their CD, and the song "Proxy" keeps playing in my head.