05 кастрычніка 2006

Performace Blooging

Rev. Jen's Antislam open mike has moved, at least temporarily, to Downeast Arts Center in the East Village, and I attended last night. After a pretty long break in performance, I went to sive my newly written motivational speecj, and sing a new motivational song.

I got a late spot - in fact, I got pulled out last. But I was determined. I went in and out buying beer and going for food (first I had pizza, and then sushi, believe it or not). There were some nice performances. My old-time friend Margaret Dodge told her story about being bitten in the face by a crazy rotweiler bitch. Go to her blog for pictures and testimonies. She managed to make this rather horrifying story quite hilarious - such is the power of Dodge. She's a master of dark humor, and you gots to appreciate.

There were other funny performances, some by people I'd never seen before. There was this supposedly Russian dude Vladimir - Vladimir Lenin he calls himself, no less. He was actually very funny, I thought he was smart and subtle.

There was also this girl who I hope is not reading this. She said she was an actress, and she had the most trite and ways of saying things. She said she was 26, but she looked more like 36, representing everything I don't like about aspiring actors. She was actually good looking, but her terribly unnatural facial expressions made her...well, whatever.

By the time I got to perform everybody was drunk and tired, including me. So I decided to skip the speech, and cut straight to the song. I was very satisfied. I must say, performing a set gives me energy for days to come, so here's to that.


Blogger Margaret Dodge said...

BIG UPS! Thank you!

I wish I had seen that actress; you've piqued my interest. And I wish I'd seen you go up. Beauty rest, you know.

So what is up with your months on here? Kastrichnika? Shto zhe eta takoye?!

2:06 PM  
Blogger Ivan Lenin said...

Beauty rest, yes! I've been doing that a lot :)
The months and days are in Belarusian. We are a small but proud people, so we don't use the Latin names everybody else does. So Kastrychnik (from kascior, fire) is the month when leaves are burnt. Ukranians months have similar names.

2:25 PM  
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