27 лютага 2007

Be there!

16 лютага 2007

Last night

10 лютага 2007

The Burka Band

- Of course it was a joke to sing in the burkas, but it was also necessary to wear them. If people in Afghanistan knew who the members of the Burka Band were, we could be attacked or killed because there are still a lot of religious fanatics here, says Nargiz, who hasn't told any of her friends that she has played in the Burka Band.

08 лютага 2007

Meeting right here on Earth

Tom Waits meets Shane MacGowan on the way from Minsk to New York.

07 лютага 2007

I've got it

The Bush administration is paying Haliburton to make it so cold out, so that they can deny the Global Warming

02 лютага 2007

February Revolution

February Revolution 2007

For starters, I'm doing a little residency at the Theater for the New City, in a show called Voideville ( http://www.voideville.com/about.html)
The show is produced by Gordon Bressack, who won three Emmy awards for my favorite cartoons, Pinky and The Brain, and Animaniacs. Which means it most likely will be good. The show will go on for three weeks, but I'm only in it three times:

Friday, February 2, 10:30
Friday, February 9, 10:30
Sunday, February 18, 6 pm
Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave (btwn 9 and 10), $15

Another big thing for me is playing a 30 minutes music set in Bar 169 in Chinatown. It will be the first time in a few years when I play a full set.

Thursday, February 15, 9:30 pm sharp
Bar 169
169 East Broadway
This is the one where in addition to my ususal funny little songs I will play some more serious musical material, using some new nifty equipment.