18 студзеня 2007


chattin with cmr. Yaron

me: mah job wack krazy, yo
like a mothafuking monkey
Yaron: That's ill.
me: ba isskool
for somebody wit ma attention span
Yaron: Do you have a handle on it?
Like on your job.
me: i try
i be pretty damn motivated
Yaron: Aight.
me: i give people shit
know whata mean?
i be hard ass on they ass
Yaron: I had a co-worker who was like that. He would yell "your code sucks!"
me: kuz i gots muthafukin reports to get out, bitch
so you betta fix yo sto proseejah
Yaron: Word up. Gotta lay down the law.
me: it's da nature od their bidnis to be wack like that
so it's all about fads
they gots to respond wit a quickness
Yaron: "Pass the bones/ let's get on this mission like Indiana Jones"
me: ???
Yaron: Some Wu-Tang wisdom.
me: hmm
Yaron: I have to make some stored procedures for my next project, actually. I hope I still remember how to do them.
Sent at 9:10 PM on Thursday
Yaron: How are your co-workers?
Sent at 9:12 PM on Thursday
me: cold blooded muthafackaz
Yaron: Aight.