25 снежня 2006

Commenting on Michael Ledeen's article

The Mask Comes Off the Mullahs

Great article, Dr.Ledeen.
It looks like the "intelligence community and the diplomats" (which is often the same people) is where we should look into. To be successful, to do a good job for them, often means to work out a "diplomatic solution" - which can be the opposite of success for the country.
It's a shame how poorly the US is fighting its propaganda war - compared to what we - the Soviets could listen to back in the 1980s. All we have in Iran is Radio Farda (whose stand seems to be rather moderate). Considering the advance in technology - and the number of people with satellite dishes - we could do much better. Especially if we concentrated on unmasking our enemies - instead of trying to make America look good.

22 снежня 2006


Who do you think is behind the murder of Litvinenko?