16 верасня 2006

Lenin to Jessica the feminist

Did you or did you not stick those boobs into the camera?

Do you or do you not want to be sexually attractive?


Blogger Jessica said...

Do you understand that sometimes when women have breasts, when they wear clothing, those breasts stick out a little? Do you get that? Jessica was standing straight up in that picture, and is well-endowed enough that when she stands straight up her breasts do not fall flat against her chest.

Why do you consider the categories of "feminist" and "sexually attractive" to be mutually exclusive?

Would you rather she had bound her breasts?

Would you rather she had on a robe or a burka?

6:33 PM  
Blogger Ivan Lenin said...


Do you understand that when people are photographed with the most famous womanizer in America, their feminism can't be taken seriously? That she and others on that photograph look like a bunch of horny groupies around a celebrity?

I don't care about Jessica's breasts. I would rather she got over herself and felt better. I would rather she saw nothing wrong with wanting to be sexually attractive, and nothing wrong with showing off her boobs. I consider such behavior perfectly normal. Denial of it is what's abnormal, and that's why Jessica ended up looking so stupid, not because of anything I or Ann Althouse said.

I consider feminism a joke - and a sad joke at that, because it produces sad, angry, unhappy women. If feminism is about respect for women, then having a "movement" of angry, opinionated bitches who insult everybody they disagree with, is a really bad idea. Coming from a place where women have to endure more humiliation than most America "feminists" can imagine, I can't have respect for a movement of spoiled brats who can't get over their daddy issues, and take it out on men, on conservatives, on whomever they can safely scream at - while doing nothing to help women who really get victimized - women in Muslim countries, in Africa, in Russia. As much as I respect the women who started the feminist movement, I despise the modern "feminism". I don't hate anyone for being a feminist, but Jessica's example shows what this absurd "movement" really leads to - women making idiots of themselves.

10:40 PM  
Blogger ethan said...


i'm ivan lenin teh awesome!

i'm so smart!

and modern!


11:47 PM  
Blogger Ivan Lenin said...

and your little problem is?

9:20 AM  
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