18 верасня 2006

Feminism and boobs: commenting on Dawn Eden's blog

Dawn's post here. Comments here. Dawn is being nice to Jessica - perhaps too nice. I wish I could be nice all the time. Anyway, here we go again.

Commenter Jody:
I think you are possibly half correct - in that much of the ridicule hurled at Jessica started because she refused to self-mockingly admit her pose with the former president could be construed as a sexy strut.

But some of us who strongly objected to Ann Althouse's comments felt this was pretty low. It's an old trick to get nasty if a woman refuses to chuckle over your comments about the way she looks. I am absolutely with Jessica, Dawn and others here.

It also drove me crazy that Ann Althouse kept praising the stunning originality of one commenter who had come up with the pun "tempest in a C-cup" to describe the blog row.

Original? That's one of the tiredest cliches of the British rag tabloids whenever there is a "kerfuffle" about "breasts"!

Commenter Jill
"I think Jessica deserves to taste a bit of her own medicine: look at her blog, and you'll find nothing but personal attacks on those who don't toe the "feminist" party line."

Does she criticize their physical appearance? No. She goes after their politics, which is fair game.

The issue is that Ann Althouse criticized Jessica for having breasts, and for standing the exact same way as everyone else in the photo. Instead of dealing with Jessica's politics, Ann took on her chest. That's dispicable.

Lenin speaketh:

"possibly half correct" -
thanks for giving me this much :) I'm gonna use it for my blog's subtitle.

I agree that Althouse went tabloid, and I wish she didn't take herslef so seriously. I'm not trying to defend Althouse, though I'm grateful to her for starting this - I'm saying that Jessica made herself fair game for tabloid-style ridicule.

You don't seem to see the difference between "criticizing their physical appearance" and mentioning their breasts while criticizing their behavior. If you criticezed me for sexually harassing my secretary, and said, for the sake of mocking me, that I had a small penis, what would be the reason for your criticism: the size of my penis, or my actions? Wouldn't you say I was asking for indecent jokes?

In any case, Althouse got called ugly by Jessica's defenders a lot more than vice versa, and when it comes to insults, I don's see how calling somebody an a-hole is better than calling them ugly.

Jessica is ridiculous because, after posing, all smiles and excitement, with a famous womanizer, she came out as an angry feminist. That's how the boob jokes started. In other words, she got attacked because everybody saw that her "feminism" was complete BS.

If Althouse said that Jessica looks like Monica because she is a chubby brunette, you'd have a point. But the comparison was not based on looks. It was based on the male celebrity known for his "consumption of women".

Bottom line: you don't come forward with feminist rants after getting photographed with Bill Clinton.


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