06 верасня 2006

Expropriation and Confiscation

I am mentioned in Weekly Standard.

The last time Clements came here in vain, he made the trip worth his while by confronting Mayor Brian Wahler at a street fair with a camera and a Vladimir Lenin impersonator. Clements and Lenin tried to present Wahler with the "People's Award for Expropriation and Confiscation." The award was an old cheerleading trophy, the cheerleader's megaphone replaced with a hammer and sickle. Wahler wasn't in the mood to accept, telling them, "I'm going to give you exactly two minutes to get out of here."

When Wahler put a hand on him, Clements snapped, "Don't put your arm around me. You're not my friend. You're an enemy of property rights, you're an enemy of the Constitution, and you're a little dictator. And you're taking the Halpers' land. So we're going to be here all day. Lenin, you like cotton candy don't you?" Lenin never got his cotton candy. The Piscataway dictator's police force soon chased them off.

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Anonymous Ананім said...

Congratulations! It's too bad how touchy your fellow dictators are.


12:11 AM  
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