28 верасня 2006

Dasha Kostenko's diaries published in Moscow

Sep. 27, Moscow - presentation of a new book called "Partisan Republic". It contains eyewitness accounts of those who participated in the protests of March 19-25, 2006, afainst election fraud in Belarus. Among the book's authors, talking to the journalists was Dasha Kostenko, famous for her "March Diaries" that she was publishing on the Interenet during protests.

She said, "I wanted to do something to make at least some people understand, that this is a development. Non-violent mass protest is always a development, and not just when it leads to something that people call a 'revolution', when it leads to change of government, to the triumph of new elites"

vis Salidarnasc.

What can I say? I'm very glad for Dasha, and for those who now have an opportunity to buy the book. In light of the recent protests in Poland, that make tent camp protests seem like entertainment for otherwise bored young people, it's important to remember how brave these young Belarusians were. They knew they would almost certainly get arrested and/or beaten - unlike their Polish counterparts. And, also unlike their Polish counterparts, they live in a country where voting doesn't matter. You're unhappy with your government? Don't vote for them next time around. That's what civilized people do. And when you don't appreciate living in a civilized country, you may lose that privilege. RDH just wrote brilliantly about it.

I've read people suggest that the recent protests in Hungary and Poland were instigated by pro-German-and-French forces that try to weaken pro-American governments in Estaern Europe. I don't know about German-French, but I'm sure there are plenty of anti-American Chomsky followers in Warsaw and Budapest. And I'm sure many of them are bored.


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