21 сакавіка 2006

Conversations from the Oktiabrskaya Square

From an article on Radio Svaboda site.

Corr: What was most difficult about last night?
Young man: The hardest thing was to stand: it's just my legs hurt. And frankly, it was cold towards the morning. But people are really helping - bringing food, hot tea and coffee all the time, giving cigarettes. Everybody is supportive, everybody. The only thing is it's hard on the legs, but that's all. Everything else is fine.

When the night was over, there were 300-500 people standing at the square. Not only teenagers, as the official propaganda claims. Taciana Hacura is a mother of three small children, and she says that she came out here first of all because of them.

Hacura: "I must be able to look my kids in the eye without shame. I come here so that I won't feel ashamed in the future. So that I will feel free and understand, what I was doing it for. I'm not so much here because of some political slogans, I'm just doing it for my children and for myself, for moral comfort.

Even people who are older have ignored the danger, saying they are tired of being afraid.
Woman:The people are scared, there is a lot of some kind of slave mentality. Because they [the authorities] try to scare people at every step. People are afraid to get crushed, humiliated, afraid that the police will break their bones and throw them in jail. There've been so many warnings: don't go to the square, there's going to be a violence! They will definitely resort to violence, after all the guests are gone. They will wait and then start the beating, as usual.


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