07 верасня 2006

Steyn is hilarious

... in his article about the Australian PM. Right on target, too.

Why would gazillions of American radio listeners appreciate a line from Howard? Because he says things that none of their own leaders ever quite say. Last week it was the stuff about Muslim immigrants needing to learn English and making sure they're cool with this equal-rights-for-women business. The soi-disant arrogant Texas cowboy rarely shoots from the lip like that. Instead, he says things such as: "Freedom is the desire of every human heart."

Look, I'm a supporter of the Bush doctrine to spread liberty throughout the Muslim world, but I support it on hard-headed grounds of national security. You only have to watch a couple of minutes of the lads in Gaza and southern Lebanon on the telly every night to realise freedom comes pretty low down on the list of their hearts' desires.

Go read it. I think Bush's approval ratings at home would be higher if he dropped the "every human heart" kind of talk about freedom: it makes him sound idealistic. It makes him sound like he's on a quest to spread freedon, whereas he needs to be on a quest to defend America. Democracy in the ME is a means to an end, and the Bush Administration doesn't seem to be clear on that.

The State Department's keeps trying to appease our enemies, letting Iranian mullahs into the country. Bush's "compassionate" stand on borders and immigration doesn't make it look like he understand how serious the threat is.


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